The mission of Through the Years Day Care & Community Centre is to nurture curious minds and kind hearts by providing quality care and education.  We strive to do this by providing a safe and happy environment for children who attend.  The Day Care will be a place where they can learn and grow physically, emotionally, intellectually and socially at their own pace.  Children learn through play and benefit from a structured, yet flexible schedule and program.  The activities at the centre will stimulate positive sensory-motor development, language development, cognitive development and social skills.  The development and encouragement of a strong self-esteem is also a major goal in the daily program at our centre.  Children will be taught to respect each other, adults and property.  Children in their own right are individuals.  We promise to treat your child with respect and dignity.

Inclusive Child Care Philosphy


At Through the Years Day Care & Community Centre we believe that every child should be able to attend an early learning and child care program.  We also believe for those children who require additional support, needs should not hinder a family's ability to enroll their child in such programs.  These programs provide the environment and experiences that promote growth in all areas of development.  It is our mission to provide a developmentally appropriate group experience for all children in our centre.  We believe by practicing inclusion we encourage the development of real relationships, the sense of belonging for all children and teaching dignity and equality.  Inclusion benefits everyone: the children, the parents and even the staff.  Children of all abilities learn from each other and we are committed to adapting experiences and routines so all children can participate actively and meaningfully in a natural environment.  Our centre employs a full time program support person to enhance ratio in classrooms where children with special needs need extra support.