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Core Values

Diversity and Inclusion Policy

Diversity and Inclusion Policy


All the work we do is rooted in these core values. They help us align what we do inside our centre and behind the scenes, and guide our decision-making. 

1. Relationships

Relationships are the foundation on which our organization operates. We believe the quality of the experiences we provide is measured by the quality of the relationships with children, families, employees, volunteers, legislators, and community stakeholders. We strive to ensure these relationships are respectful; warm and compassionate; accepting and open; and fair and equitable. 

2. Communication

We are committed to conversations that are cooperative and collaborative. We will be respectful of all points of view and strive for honest and natural relationships that help us build each other up. We will give information and feedback in a timely manner, and expect the same in others. 

3. Lifelong Learning

We believe that we all share a responsibility to support and nurture the children’s and our own natural desire to be lifelong learners. We foster our lifelong learning through our professional and personal growth, and by exploring and experiencing learning on the same level as the children. We celebrate our differences and model respectful, inclusive practices. 

4. Fiscal and Corporate Accountability

We are committed to being fiscally responsible; to make decisions based on the needs and goals of the organization both short, medium and long term. We conduct ourselves and our business in a manner that is legal, moral and ethical. 

Diversity and Inclusion Policy

Diversity and Inclusion Policy

Diversity and Inclusion Policy


At Through the Years we strive to provide an environment that is free from bias and prejudice and that is a safe, nurturing space where children can learn principles of fairness and respect for all. 


•Educators will work collaboratively with families to provide care that meets the child’s individual needs to the best of our ability. 

•Educators will share their own valued cultural practices and traditions to create new and shared connections with families. •Resources will be provided to all educators that celebrate the diversities within family’s lifestyles and cultural heritages. 

•Children with special needs will be provided with support to ensure accessibility in the program by working in collaboration with the child’s supports as required (O.T., P.T., Speech and Language, EIBI, Mental Health, etc.) 

•The centre will access additional support, assistance and resources for children with additional needs. 

•Educators will be encouraged to attend professional development that builds awareness of many diverse social topics such as sexual orientation languages, race, religion and culture. 

•As inclusive practices require continuous evaluation, staff will familiarize themselves with The Inclusion Principles Scale to guide them in their everyday practices. 

•Educators will treat all children equitably and respectfully and encourage children to treat others in the same manner.

•Children will never be singled out, or made to feel inferior to or superior to their peers. 

•Educators will be fully oriented and trained to understand and apply the centre’s Behavioral Guidance Policy.  

Board of Directors

Diversity and Inclusion Policy

Nova Scotia's Child Care Subsidy


Through the Years Day Care & Community Centre is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors made up of community members and parents who oversee the Day Care & Community Centre programs and staff.  Any parent interested in sitting on our Board is welcome to speak to the Director about the responsibility.  An Annual General Meeting for the organization is held every fall in which parents are strongly encouraged to attend. 

Several other parent meetings and social events are held throughout the year.  

Current Board Members

Sally Banks - Chair

Amber Fiander - Vice-Chair

Crystal Thorburne - Secretary

Denise Burgess - Treasurer

Amy Reid

Lee Laliberte

Jennifer Tucker

Nova Scotia's Child Care Subsidy

Nova Scotia's Child Care Subsidy

Nova Scotia's Child Care Subsidy


Nova Scotia's Child Care Subsidy Program helps eligible families, with children 12 years and under, pay for a portion of child care fees at licensed child care facilities and regulated family home day care agencies.  Subsidies are paid directly to the centre or agency of your choice, on your behalf.  If you choose to transfer your child to another child care centre or family home day care agency, within the province, your subsidy will go with you.  Eligibility is based on your family's income and finances.

For more information click the link below.

AHT Subsidy Program

Nova Scotia's Child Care Subsidy

AHT Subsidy Program


 A subsidy program is made possible through funding provided to Through the Years Day Care & Community Centre by the Aspotogan Heritage Trust for the purpose of helping families with child care fees. Subsidy applications are reviewed in September and March by a Subsidy Program Committee made up of the Day Care Director, a member of the community and at least two members of the board of Through the Years.  This committee will review the applications and determine subsidy recipients based on those who best meet the Subsidy Program Criteria.  The Committee will whenever possible award subsidy to as many families as possible who meet the criteria.  Families could receive subsidy for up to 50% of their fees.  The  Subsidy Program Committee will be fair at all times.  The Subsidy Program Committee reserves the right to make changes in the subsidy criteria to better fit the Day Care's population at a given time.  All personal and financial information collected by the Committee will be strictly confidential and used only to determine eligibility for subsidy from Through the Years. 


Nova Scotia's Child Care Subsidy

AHT Subsidy Program


"I have 2 children with autism and the day care is always willing to work with the therapists and others to make sure my children succeed.  I can see the difference in my children after attending Through the Years and it's a wonderful change.  They are like part of the family."  

            Candice Goodridge, mother of 2

"The amazing thing about Through the Years is the inclusion elements to support the children to enjoy every activity - adapted chairs, lifts, wheelchair, hippocampe, large stroller."

                              Visiting Educator

"The quiet spaces are very cozy and reflect the need for children to be alone, relax or rest is valued.  Having a stuffy in each sofa / chair also helps make these spaces inviting for the children.  Much nature is used throughout the centre for decor and ambiance. 

                               Visiting Educator

"I am impressed by the centre's pet, Miss Bunny.  Having a pet and allowing the children to interact and care for it helps develop sense of responsibility and empathy.  It also teaches children to respect life."

                                 Visiting Educator

"Amazing environment!  Great staff that care.  Am so glad I was able to work with them all as a summer student."

                          2014 Summer Student

                          Chelsea A.